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Sweetwater Creek State Park [Red Trail]

Hello, Friends! This week's hiking adventure took us to the Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs, Georgia. This hike spot is truly worth talking about! We actually found this place by accident while tooling around on Google Maps.

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Sweetwater Creek State Park is located only 15 minutes from the bustling downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia. This beautiful hike-spot offers over 2,500 acres, and 9 miles of picturesque wooded trails. Fishing, Hiking, Canoeing, Historical and Ranger-led tours of the New Manchester Mill ruins.

The area once belonged to the Cherokee people until they were forced out beginning in 1832 when the land was then sold off in lotteries. [The removal of Native Americans from their ancestral lands and moving them west to reservations in Oklahoma would come to be known as the trail of tears]

In the early and mid-1800's the area grew as water-powered cotton mill's were built along the Sweetwater creek. In 1849 the largest of these, a five-story mill was built and operated by the Sweetwater Manufacturing Company, until 1858 when it's name was changed to the New Manchester Manufacturing Company after Manchester, England

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The mill was destroyed in July 1864
on order from General William Tecumseh Sherman
those ruins still exist today protected by Sweetwater Creek State Park

More Photo's from the Red Trail:
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things to know:

There are 4 trails (Red, Blue, White, and Yellow) available ranging from Easy to Moderate to Difficult. We were advised by a park ranger that first-time visitors should try the Red Trail

There are historical and ranger-led tours available.

The Red Trail(easy to moderate) is the most frequently travelled trail and seems too offer the best of the park. Leading down to the New Manchester Mill Ruins, The Creek rapids and ends at the Sweetwater Falls. The trail is a little over 1 mile - the second half of the mile is slightly more strenuous due to the rocky terrain.

Sweetwater Creek State Park
P.O. Box 816
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Parking $5.00 [Free on Wednesdays]

Friend's of Sweetwater Creek State Park: Website

Until Next time
See you on the Trail!

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